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This is the second products developed by myself, this is the only product which I’m still proud of. We have released about hundred versions, and the new version is “2013 Build 140307” which was released on 3-7-2014. As you know, I am a software designer and webmaster. Our team needs to process many pictures, images and icons everyday. We can finish some works of image processing by Photoshop or IconCool Studio, but the two tools can not do the followings:
a. Convert images in baches, for example, we need to convert 100 png files from 256×256 pixel to 48×48 icons with few clicks.
b. Process images in baches, for example, we need to process 100 32-bit icons, firstly increase the contrast, then convert them to 96×96 png format, and we hope that the Aplha channel in the original icons will be keeped in the new png files.
Now, Graphics Converter Pro can do all above works precisely and completely. In addtional, it can do all the following works:
a. Import 500+ formats, and export to 130+ formats; Convert 500+ formats to PDF or JPG2000; Convert PDF to 130+ formats.
b. 7 Powerful built-in tools: Watermark Maker, Image Cropper, Image Splitter, Frame Maker, Combination Tool, Image Resizer and Photo Renaming.

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